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Zork has been a classic in the adventure games genre for over a decade before Zork Nemesis was released in 1996. It started as a text adventure and became a graphical adventure with Return to Zork, the game that came before Zork Nemesis. It introduced me to the realm of adventure games, games similar to Myst with pre-rendered backgrounds and a point-and-click approach to solving puzzles.

Such games actually just consist of a series of puzzles. Some depend on each other, others are independent. Usually, there are several puzzles you can work on simultaneously or else you’d get bored pretty quickly. These are not trivial and most of the time they can’t be solved by trial and error (assuming you don’t have the time to try every combination there is). Instead, you gather clues from books, diaries, letters, paintings… when you see it, it is usually obvious that this represents a clue and should be written down on a piece of paper. Once you found it, you just need to figure out where to use that clue.

what’s the charm of solving puzzles? well, they are wrapped together by a story and in case of Zork Nemesis it’s an interesting one. however, what is in my opinion the biggest appeal is the atmosphere itself. so, turn off the lights, crank up the volume to immerse yourself in the amazing musical score by Mark Morgan and explore.

You are an unnamed adventurer who finds him- or herself at the temple of agrippa. four alchemists are trapped by the Nemesis and it is your task to find out what is going on and how to lift the curse that fell upon the land. Other Zork titles have a fairly weird sense of humor. You either like it or you don’t. Zork Nemesis departed from the rest of the series in that aspect. Whether this is good or bad is debatable, but I like the atmosphere created in Zork Nemesis and how the developers bothered to research references to alchemy throughout our own history and put them in this game.

For the time, Zork Nemesis looked amazing. the video sequences were ok. the acting is fine and the video quality is good – for the time. it is pretty low-res (with scanlines that youtube eliminated) and the window is small. what was really ground-breaking was the 360 degrees view of the pre-rendered backgrounds. in some areas you can also look up and down. pretty cool stuff and I think it still looks decent today.

As mentioned, the music is awesome. The ambient soundtrack of the temple of agrippa or the conservatory allows for total immersion. The puzzles are not as brain melting as in other similar adventures, but also not as easy that you will breeze through them on your first try. I don’t know how I figured it all out back then and luckily I remembered most of the solutions. Maybe my attention span decayed and anything that requires more patience than 20 seconds makes me nervous, but I can see why this genre is not as popular anymore. In fact, games like these would help re-cultivate an attitude among gamers where dedication and a methodical, slow approach is king. i really hate how easy games today are and how you are bombarded with information and stimuli that divide your attention between multiple things simultaneously. who actually reads a book nowadays? and just a book. not a book while TV is on and you check 15 things on your phone or tablet while pretending to read.

even though the game is fairly old, it still runs well on current machines. use the dos version of the game and run it in dosbox or get the whole package from gog.com. enjoy some old school adventuring and brain-teasing puzzles! 🙂

as of now, I will only be able to update my channel infrequently if at all. it just takes too much time that I would like to spend on actually playing stuff and do other things as well. thanks for watching.

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33 thoughts on “Zork Nemesis – The Forbidden Lands (PC) – Full Game

  1. one of the best games i have ever played. it was my teenage years. still adore the soundtrack. I still find it very atmospheric. The asylum still gives me the shivers

  2. This game brings back fond memories – back in the day I played it with my dad and my little sister and we all worked on figuring out the puzzles together. We did that with a lot of games; playing as a team was what made it fun!

  3. My stepdad had this game on P.C. and used to play it, he'd try to get me to play as well but It would frighten me so much haha!

  4. thanks for posting.
    i never finished this game at that time.
    suddenly title of this game poped up in my brain and wondered what is the ending like.

    thank you

  5. As you click on the golden masks above the Sarkophage you see the symbol for each element… just for info^^… great game, great video, lots of memories… ty… abo and like for ya 🙂

  6. "use the dos version of the game and run it in dosbox or get the whole package from gog.com."

    Which is this, and what does the GOG.com version do about the fact that the game rotates too quickly on new systems?

    This video has an error that I'd never seen until playing with the Dos version. Notice at 2:00:00, when the player creates Iron, and the game plays the wrong video. That's the video you're supposed to get in the Asylum. The correct video has totally different music (same as you get at the end of the monastery), and shows the player tunneling up through the earth.

    Now, skip ahead to about 2:31:20. At the end of the asylum, you see the video that you SHOULD have seen at 2:00:00.

    I've seen the wrong video play at these points several times this last week since fiddling with the DOS version (which I never used before) but never saw this error in the Windows one. Unless maybe the problem was introduced in later discs, and not in the Dos version per se.

  7. What does it mean YouTube eliminated the scan lines?  You mean you uploaded it with scanlines, and when YouTube processed it, it took them out automatically?  I've seen other videos on YouTube that still have the scan lines in them.

  8. I have no vocabulary to describe more than Fantastic, great, mindblowing when I first played this game back in 1996 or 97…This has remained unforgettable in a way. It is so esoterically negative. But love and good has overcome in the last 5 minutes of the game. Thank you Zork team for having had the talent to create this game.

  9. This was by far my most loved game of the Zork franchise, mainly because of the intrigueing story, the haunting music and sometimes creepy cutscenes. This was definitely for a more adult player!

  10. 3:31:16
    Gee. I wonder why I've never seen this guy in anything since '96. His reaction to being freed from an otherworldly stasis with almost zero chance of ever living again, let alone being reunited with his love: :l "Thenightmareisover."

  11. My all time favourite game. Nothing compared to this one for me. I've played The Longest Journey (didn't like 2 as much), Myst, Riven, and Grand Inquisitor – but Nemesis was 10 out of 10, in ALL respects.

  12. I was just a kid when I played this and it give me nightmares, I think that's why I preferred Inquisitor

  13. SO great, the drama and setting in Zork Nemesis blew my mind as a kid. When Grand Inquisitor came along I was beyond pumped, until I actually played it. The wacky humour and zany atmosphere was so lame in comparison.

  14. I played this game as a child (not really appropriate but whatever). Aside from the creepiness it really opened up my imagination. The setting is so unique and creative. It's a cool game. 

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